[EN] Microsoft’s Council for Digital Good Europe invites BIK Youth Ambassadors

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Authors: Dimitris (me) & Yevgeny

On 15 November, the BIK Youth Ambassadors were invited to take part in a meeting of the “Council for Digital Good Europe” (CDG-E), where they talked about the BIK Youth activities and the Safer Internet Forum giving their views and opinions on various topics such as cyberbullying and digital safety.

Microsoft established last year the “Council for Digital Good Europe“, which consists of 15 young people from ten different European countries, who were chosen after applying. At first, as we’ve been informed, the members knew very little to nothing about the topic, but after a series of sessions with various specialists from around Europe, they talked about and learned a lot about digital safety issues. They brought their newfound knowledge back to their home countries, where they met with schools and communities to discuss these crucial issues and teach them how important it is to stay safe online.

After a small introduction and some remarks regarding BIK Youth, we were questioned about the Safer Internet Forum (SIF) 2022, more specifically why it is essential, how we were involved, and the main learnings for young people. We explained the roles and the work of the BIK Youth Panel and the SIF Youth Advisory Group during this year’s edition of SIF. Afterwards, we were asked to share any advice and future guidance we might have for the CDG-E members as youth ambassadors for digital safety. Briefly, we mentioned that they shouldn’t be afraid to express their opinions, ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, we think great chemistry and cooperation are essential for working as a team and having meaningful interactions.

We took away from this session significant ideas and principles regarding the subjects we covered. Through this meeting, we were even more conscious of the need for young people to voice their opinions about what they believe should be changed or added to make the internet a safer place for them. We strongly believe that initiatives like Microsoft’s CDG-E and BIK Youth can significantly contribute to the development of a safer digital future and give young people a powerful voice.

Overall, the discussion with the Council was eye-opening and intriguing since it allowed us to understand different organizations’ perspectives and priorities on online safety. We are glad that we were able to come together with another group of young people and express our thoughts, and ideas as well as about BIK Youth, as representatives of it.

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