My name is Dimitris, I’m 16 years old and I’m located in Cyprus. Starting in 2017, I began to get involved in activities regarding internet safety through my school’s participation in the Young Coaches for the Internet programme of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (part of the Cypriot Safer Internet Centre) and the European Eduweb programme, with the aim of combatting digital exclusion. The following school year (2018-2019), I was invited to participate in the Cyprus Cyber Safety Youth Panel, of which I’ve been a member since. During 2020-2021, I was also a part of the Misinformation Antibodies project which aims to help people improve their critical thinking so that they can avoid –and not share – false information found on the internet. I was a participant in the BIK Youth Panel and Safer Internet Forum 2021, representing my country. Finally, I was a part of the Youth Advisory Group for the Safer Internet Forum 2022.

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